Whale Pod Board

This Limited Edition Gray Whale Pod Board is perfect for a serving board while doubling as art for your home. The "eye" that you see is a natural occurrence of the Gray Maple wood. Wood grain, figuring and features are carefully selected to create unique products that bring joy and whimsy to your daily life.

This serving board is perfect for sharing a cheese or charcuterie board with friends, or serving your favorite hors d'oeuvres. This piece would also be beautiful as a decorative tray and would look great with cologne or perfume displayed on a dresser.


Approximately 5 in. x16 in.  When working with natural materials there can be slight variations in size and also natural variations in wood grain shades.


This series was lovingly created by hand through a 10 step process. Creation begins by hand selecting the most choice wood to ensure striking beauty. We are passionate about presenting works of art to add beauty and whimsy to your home. 


With proper care your board can become a family heirloom. Use caution when washing not to use the dishwasher, allow the board to be submerged in water or sit in a pool of water in the counter. Once a month, condition and protect your wood pieces with Starfish & Whale Wood Conditioner.

Whale Pod Board



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